The tutoring revolution has begun

Clark Clark

The tutoring revolution has begun.

Meet Clark, the virtual assistant transforming the tutoring
experience for educators, students, and parents.

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Tutoring made easy

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Clark empowers tutors Illustration

Clark empowers tutors

  • Scheduling done simply
  • Payment behind the scenes
  • Real-time progress tracking
Parents stay involved Illustration

Parents stay involved

  • Easy, always-on communication
  • Session transparency
  • Real-time session reports
Track student improvement Illustration

Track student improvement

  • Empower the student's learning team
  • Keep all parties informed
  • Puts the focus on what matters: learning!

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Josh, SAT Prep Tutor Photo
Clark allows me to focus on my student's progress and not chasing after invoices.

- Josh, SAT Prep Tutor

Becky, Private Tutor Photo
As soon as I started to use Clark I found I had more time to take on new clients.

- Becky, Private Tutor

Valerie A., Parent of Algebra Student Photo
I very much appreciate how you send feedback after each session. It allows me to feel like we are getting somewhere. Great!

- Valerie A., Parent of Algebra Student

Clark Tutor Profile Screenshot
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Megan, CEO and Co-founder Photo
I started Clark because my mom is a tutor and I want to create a world where tutors are valued as everyday superheroes.
- Megan, CEO and Co-founder

We help tutors do what they do best—teach.

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